Objectives of MAA-Mayurbhanj

Promoting ISR

MAA fosters individual social
responsibility, urging citizens to
contribute to Matrubhumi development.

Inclusive Platform

MAA establishes a citizen-based platform in Mayurbhanj for active community engagement and collaboration.

Community Collaboration

MAA partners with organizations, associations, and administrations for collaborative community development, addressing socio-economic challenges at grassroots levels.

Green Stewardship

MAA focuses on environmental stewardship, locally initiating efforts that expand to cover larger areas, aligning with the concept of "seva" to Mother Earth.

Local Progression

MAA envisions local-to-global progression, starting in Mayurbhanj and expanding efforts to the state, nation, and the global community.

Mayurbhanj Roots

MAA's initiation from Mayurbhanj symbolizes a commitment to social responsibility, fostering a connection to roots and broader community and environmental responsibility.

Holistic Development

MAA contributes to Mayurbhanj's holistic development, addressing social, economic, and environmental aspects with sustainable and inclusive solutions.

Educational Empowerment

MAA empowers individuals through transformative education, skill development, and awareness campaigns.

Inclusive Advocacy

MAA encourages citizen participation in decision-making for inclusive governance and advocates community development awareness.

Cultural Heritage

MAA preserves and promotes Mayurbhanj's cultural heritage through initiatives, events, and partnerships, fostering pride in local traditions.


About MAA-Mayurbhanj?

The Matrubhumi Abhudaya Abhiyan (MAA) is a socio-economic advancement initiative led by the Divya Nur Foundation. Divya Nur firmly believes in the concept of individual social responsibility towards the development of our homeland, which is the driving force behind the MAA project. The primary goals of MAA include fostering awareness of individual social responsibility, creating a citizen-based platform for every city/district, and collaboratively addressing community development issues in partnership with various organizations, associations, and administrations.

Divya Nur acknowledges that Mother Earth is our shared homeland.To truly serve (seva) Mother Earth, we must first start from the place of our birth, the place that first connected us with Mother Earth, and gradually our efforts will extend to the level of Mother Earth, in contemporary terms, It will start at the local level and spread to states, nations and eventually the whole world

MAA has embarked on its journey from Mayurbhanj, symbolizing a commitment to the mission of personal social responsibility inspired by the founder of the Divya Nur Foundation, whose birthplace is Mayurbhanj.

"Let's Serve Matrubhumi"

Togethe we can change the world

Join us on a journey of social responsibility and self-awareness. Together, let's create a more compassionate and conscious community, fostering peace and prosperity.